CAishwarya Rao

Aishwarya Rao

Aishwarya Rao believes that storytelling is inherent in all of us. Originally from Madras, she went to university in Texas to pursue business administration. Aishwarya’s passion projects however combine her interest in mythology, language, and culture. She now lives in Sydney with her husband Siddharth and dog Iravathy. This is her first book.

Riddhi Desai

Riddhi Desai founder of is an established and sought after visual artist, designer and illustrator living in Madras. Born in Bombay and raised in Surat, Riddhi is predominantly inspired by the people around her. Drawing from local and world cultures, her works are a fascinating mix of tradition and modern, the contemporary and classical.

Harshi Hettige

Harshi Hettige

Harshi grew up surrounded by stories in the US, the Philippines, and Sri Lanka; all of which fostered her passion for social issues, travel, and capturing experiences. She has contributed her strategic and creative communications skills to projects around the world.

In the pursuit of creative storytelling, she served as an editor for a manuscripts and coffee table books, produced videos and social campaigns, provided digital content direction for a podcast, developed unique travel guides, contributed to magazines, and continues to write poetry and prose.